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Tracking Family Members with Lack of Records

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Re: Tracking Family Members with Lack of Records

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The post with the link to Agnes' obit brings up another point - if you are not signed up with Family Search, you should consider that (it's free, you just need to sign in). Often, that site has things you won't find on Ancestry although they also link back and forth for some records.

Also, I think you are correct in your guess that Agnes Marie is the missing "older sister" since, although the 1940 census clearly identifies her as a sister-in-law of Paul, and therefore sister of Mary (quite an age gap) it sounds like Mary was her surrogate mother, since her mother died in 1938 when she was about two years old, and she probably was raised as a daughter of the Brazel household (thus "sister" of Mary Ann). Perhaps her surname (not Brazel) is why family later thought she had been adopted.
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