Información de la fuente

Armstrong, Amy, comp.. Directorio masónico mundial, 1860 [base de datos en línea]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Datos originales: Universal Masonic Lodge Directory, 1860. Leon Hyneman Publisher, 1860.

Acerca de Directorio masónico mundial, 1860

This database is based on the Universal Masonic Record and Directory published by Leon Hyneman in 1860. The directory contains the names of all Masons who submitted their information for publication. Each entry lists the first and last name of the Mason and where he was residing in 1859, when the information was collected. Most of the more than 10,000 entries also list the man's occupation and the name of the lodge to which he belonged. This database represents Masons throughout North America, including Canada, the United States, and some Caribbean islands. It also includes a handful of Masons from outside North America (e.g., from England).

Those seeking more information about a specific individual may contact this database's compiler, Amy E. Armstrong, via e-mail at [email protected].