Información de la fuente

Utah State Archives and Records Service. Libros de registros de naturalización, condado de Wasatch, Utah, Estados Unidos, 1896–1906 [base de datos en línea]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2003.
Datos originales: Wasatch County, Utah. Utah. District Court (Fourth District: Wasatch County). Naturalization record books, 1896-1935. Salt Lake City, UT, USA: Utah State Archives and Records Service. Series 84056.

Acerca de Libros de registros de naturalización, condado de Wasatch, Utah, Estados Unidos, 1896–1906

This database is an index to the naturalization record books from Wasatch County, Utah between 1896 and 1906. These books contain records, such as petitions for naturalization and certificates of citizenship, which are created during the final stages of the naturalization process. These types of records usually provide a significant amount of genealogical information. For example, the certificates of citizenship provide the date, applicant's name, former town and country, and current residence. Likewise, the petitions for naturalization contain affidavits providing the applicant's name, birthplace, sovereign, date of arrival to the United States, and date and location of where the declaration of intention to become a naturalized citizen was made. The index to these records, which was created by and obtained from the Utah State Archives, provide the applicant's name, date of application, country of origin, and a reference to the location of the original record. Microfilmed copies of these original records are available for research at the Archives as Series # 84156. For more information about these records or to learn how to contact or visit the Archives, please visit their website (Utah State Archives and Records Services). When asking the Archives about this set of records, be sure to mention the series number.

The Utah State Archives has holdings of several other related records, including naturalization record books and declarations of intention for Wasatch County from 1906-1935. Visit their website to see a complete list of the records they hold.