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Asunto: Weaber Bible on Ebay
Autor: jmode1
Fecha: viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012
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Apellidos: Weaber

This generously illustrated bible was printed in Nashville, Tennessee by the Southwestern Company.
It is the Self-Pronouncing Version. There are illustrations, maps and woodcuts in color and black and white,it measures 10" x 12" x 2.3".

There is no publication date in the book. But the family--the Weabers--recorded births, starting from June 10, 1904.

Births listed:

Wm. Tilden Weaber 10 June 1904
Charles H. Weaber 24 Sept. 1906
Martha Weaber 24 Feb. 1909
George E. Weaber 1 Sept. 1911
Raymond Weaber 3 May 1915
Lester J. Weaber 6 Sept. 1917
Clarence R. Weaber 21 April 1921
Ottilla Jane Weaber 21 April 1925
Betty E. Weaber 29 June 1927