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Anna Barbara (AEBERSOLD) OESCH, b.1830, d.1857

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Anna Barbara (AEBERSOLD) OESCH, b.1830, d.1857

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I can find no connection to this AEBERSOLD in my family records. I am posting the eMail here in hopes of helping someone else or the sender. Thank you.

From: "Jim Asch" <jimasch@cox.net>
To: "Dale Ebersold" <daleebersold@bigfoot.com>
Subject: Anna Barbara Aebersold
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 18:13:20 -0500

Born -- December 19, 1830
Died -- January 04, 1903 in Rothenbach, Switzerland
Married Christian Oesch -- May 1857

Is this Aebersold any relationship to your family?

Dr. Jim
Mission Viejo, CA
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