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George Byam (? - 1680)

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Re: George Byam (? - 1680) and Phineas Byam (1778) Lucinda Byam

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Did you ever find the source for these new dates on George Byam?
I am also a descendant of George, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Phineas (1778), then Lucinda Byam (1808) who went to Ontario with her father and brother Asa Byam (1799).
Lucinda Byam (1808) married Asa (Asahel) Jerome and had many children, including Phineas Jerome, Rebecca Jerome, Mary Melinda Jerome (my great grandmother), Thomas Jerome, Chauncey S. Jerome and later another 5 children with Jesse Williams her 2nd husband.
Need to know more about Phineas Byam (1778) and who was his wife (and the mother of Asa and Lucinda)? She was probably American, possibly from Templeton, Mass., or Worcester or even Oneida County NY. No one seems to know who she was and who all the children were. Any detail would be appreciated.
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