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George Byam (? - 1680)

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George Byam (? - 1680)

Monta B. (Byam) Salmon (Ver publicaciones)
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I see on many lists that there is now a specific birth date for George Byam.

George is my 8th Great Grandfather. My pedigree is as follows: George (1620 ?) Abraham (1644) Jacob (1692) Joseph (1744) Phineas (1778) Asa (1799) Eber (1845) Stanley (1878) Kenneth (1907) Calvin (1932) me.

For years George's birth date has been unknown, with various estimates appearing on different records. About 1991 submissions to both Ancestral File and the International Genealogical Index (IGI) showed a birth date of 13 Jul 1620 in England. Similarly, his marriage date, which had always been estimated, was submitted as 1 Aug 1642 in Salem, Massachusetts.

Where did these exact dates come from??? I'm dying of curiosity!!!

Hope someone can help. Looking forward to replies.
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