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Looking for more FOBBS family members

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Fobbs Mystery

Joi Fobbs-Harris (Ver publicaciones)
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Hello Everyone! I am Joi Fobbs-Harris (recently married). I finally arrived into the 20th century (just in time to see it leave). My husband I finally bought a computer and my first software package was a geneology one! I too, thought I was part of a dying breed. You truly do not come across too many (if at all) Fobbs'. I would love to hear from all. We live in New York. My other e-mail address is we2r1pj@aol.com
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Angie Fobbs 947597109000 
Joi Fobbs-Harris 948311579000 
Thomas E. Fobbs 952691590000 
Joi Fobbs-Harris 952869166000 
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