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George Washington Herald

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Re: George Washington Herald

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This is about John Herald and Sarah Jane Robinson Herald. My great aunt Frances Workman Gartin was John and Sarah's granddaughter. Martha Mae Herald Workman was their daughter. My aunt Francis searched for info on them for years. She was just told Martha was an orphan, and I dont believe she ever found this out. She passed away 2009 Portsmouth ohio. My grandfather was John Lee Workman, son of Stonewall Jackson Workman and Martha Mae Herald Workman. John married Brookie Vance in WV, they both lived here in Cleveland and are deceased. My mother remembers her Grandma Martha very well. My mom is 82 yrs old and still living. If you want to talk to her let me know, she can at least tell you about Martha, your gr grams sister. I had a hard time finding anything on this family until I saw your post. If you would like, my email is meanmstreeter@yahoo.com. I sure wish my aunt Frances had this info, I never found out if she ever did before she passed. There is still another of Martha's sons, Jimmy (James Workman) living, he is in Shoals wv. It would be nice to learn more about this side of the family.
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