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John Heran of VA dau. Martha

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Re: John Heran of VA dau. Martha

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Apellidos: Heran Hern Herrin Herring
I've also been looking for a John Heran (Hern, Herrin, Herring) of VA.

I have been trying to document parentage of John Hern, Heran, Heron or Herring born 1775 in Virginia, removed to KY, then to Boone County, MO, then shows up in Cane Hill, AR on the 1850 census with Spicy Hern, (widow of Benjamin Tune and daughter of Mary Polly Baker who died in Boone County). Also on the census are William Hern b. 1831 in Boone County, MO, Shelton Hern, and Henry Hern. There is a McCallister child and a Sexton Child probably grandchildren of Spicy.

I've done a yDNA test on my son who descends from John and William Hern, but FTDNA.com hasn't been a lot of help since I can't get a response back from anyone. There are alot of 12 marker matches, but only one 37 match. The Heron and Herring surname projects have some rather close matches and would like to correspond with some of these people.

My son also tested positive for L-21+ (Niall of the Nine Hostages), so maybe this will help.

If you go to YSearch, our userid is AS6MS for anyone wanting to compare markers.

Hope to hear from ANYONE to compare notes.

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