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Adopted in 1969, looking for biological father.

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Adopted in 1969, looking for biological father.

Eric James Smith (Ver publicaciones)
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August 6, 2000

We are looking for a Robert or Bob Herron, Heron, Herran, Heran or any other way you can spell it. He was in Wichita Kansas in the year of 1969 around January or February he dated S. Quincy for Wichita Kansas. We were told he went to the navy in 1969 or so, and he was interested in old cars. Very interested to find. He has a 30 year old son, who would be very interested to speak with Robert and get to know him.
The son does not want anything for Robert, because he is financially stable, would like to see if there are any brothers or sisters, and would like to know of medical history.

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