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Isabella Jessie Iggo - Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Re: Isabella Jessie Iggo - Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Herewith some details re Ann

7. ANN IGGO born c1851 at All Saints, Newcastle. Ann married twice.

1st Marriage:
Ann’s 1st marriage was in the 2nd quarter of 1868 at Newcastle to LANCELOT JOHNSON born c1849 at All Saints, Newcastle and was a Tobacconist by trade. Lancelot was lodging at All Saints, Newcastle in 1861 (why, where was his family)? Throughout the census Lancelot is not shown with his wife and his wife is shown as unmarried?

It is not known who Lancelot’s parents were. In 1861 he was lodging in Cellers Entry, Newcastle with a person by the name of Isabella Johnson born c1826 in Newcastle. This may have been his mother?

In 1871 Ann and Lancelot lived at Saint Michaels, Newcastle – in 1881 (Johnstone) she is shown as lodging with her mother Jane but shown as unmarried – 1891 Elswick. Ann and Lancelot had at least 8 children:-
7.1 Isabella JOHNSON born c1868 in Newcastle.
7.2 Margaret Jane JOHNSON born 1870 at All Saints, Newcastle and died in infancy c1871.
7.3 Joseph (Atkinson) JOHNSON born c1873 in Newcastle. Joseph was a Barman. In 1891 Joseph is residing with his grandparents in Elswick – 1901 with mother in Westgate unmarried. It is believed that in the 2nd quarter 1908 in Lanchester District Joseph married either Elizabeth KITCHEN or Phoebe Hannah SMITH born unknown.
7.4 George JOHNSON born c1875 in Newcastle. George was a Plumber – Engineers Machine Labourer. In 1891 George is living with his grandparents in Elswick. In 1901 still living with his mother Ann in Westgate unmarried.
7.5 Mary Anne JOHNSON born c1878 in Newcastle.
7.6 Anne JOHNSON born c1880 in Newcastle.
7.7 Lancelot JOHNSON born c1884 in London. Lancelot was an Engineers Machine Labourer. In 1901 Lancelot was living with his mother in Westgate unmarried.
7.8 Elizabeth JOHNSON born c1886 in London. Elizabeth was a Tobacconists Wheeler. In 1901 still living with her mother in Westgate.

2nd Marriage:
Ann’s 2nd marriage was in unknown to Unknown LAMB born unknown. In 1901 Ann, again widowed, lived in Westgate and had a further 2 children:-
7.9 Peter LAMB born c1891 in Newcastle.
7.10 John Thomas LAMB born c1894 in Newcastle.
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