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Isabella Jessie Iggo - Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Re: Isabella Jessie Iggo - Newcastle Upon Tyne

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You mention Benjamin Iggo born 1837. Was he born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne? My great great grandfather John Miller (tobacconist) married Margaret Ann Iggo (tobacco spinner), born 1845, who was the daughter of John Iggo, seaman born 1805 and Jane Iggo born 1812. The children were Jane (eldest born 1835), Benjamin (born 1837) , John Emmet (born 1840, painter), Thomas (born 1842, painter) , Margaret Ann (born 1845, tobacco spinner), Elizabeth (born 1847, tobacco spinner), Ann (born 1851), and Mary I (youngest born 1845). All were born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
In 1841 the family were living in Low Bridge, All, Saints, and by 1861, Benjamin had left home, and they were living in 45, Pilgrim Street, All Saints. By 1871 the family were living in South Street Ridley Court, St John and as Jane is now listed as Head of the Household, John Iggo presumably died between 1861 - 1871. John Emmet, Elizabeth, and Mary I were still living in the family home.
For the 1881 Census I find no entry for Jane Iggo, so presumably she died between 1871 - 1881. I also find no
entry for Benjamin Iggo, so either he had also died or was
serving in the military and or left the country. According to the 1881 Census, there is a John Ernest Iggo, born 1840, painter & paper hanger, employing 3 hands, married to Jane Ann 69, High West St, Gateshead. I think the name Emmet has somehow been changed to Ernest? Also, by 1881, John Miller had died, and Mary Ann Iggo had remarried to a Robert Dawson and moved with the children back from Gateshead to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
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