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Charles & Maria Ioas

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Re: Charles & Maria Ioas

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Hello Gayle,

by chance I found your message on the internet. My name is Matthias Reiser, I am a great grandson of Daniel Reiser. I am very touched by your message. I've been looking for the two daughters my great grandfather for a long time and nearly had given up. From your message I learn that their names were Maria Bertha and Ottilie. I didn't know that. I just knew abut their existence and wondered for a long time what might have happened to them.

Andreas Daniel Reiser was born 1840 in Munich, Germany. He married Rosa Werrlein in Passau and had twins with her. Rosa Reiser died very young from tuberculosis. Andreas Daniel Reiser became a photographer and married again in Bucharest, where my grandfather Lucian war born in 1876. The family moved on to Alexandria, Egypt. Andreas Daniel Reiser had theree more children, Marie, Albert and a son who died as a child. Andreas Daniel Reiser died in Helwan, Egypt, in 1898 and was buried in Alexandria. His son Lucia, his Italian wife Caterina and their then four children, among them my then three year old father Mario, left Egypt in 1914 and moved finally back to Munich.

In my family nothing was known about my great grandfather's first marriage. It was kind of a secret. I found out, because my father mentioned it once. I started doing some research in Passau then and found some documents. I learned of the existence or the two twins from the announcement of her mother's death in the local newspaper, but without a name. I had nearly given up ever to find out about them. It's hard if you don't have a name. That's why I am really very touched by your message. It is the first notice that these two half sisters of my grandfather survived and had children themselves.

I am curious what your connection to Maria Bertha is. Are we some kind of third grade cousins? I am looking forward to getting into contact with you. My email is reiser218 at gmail.com.

Kind regards,
Matthias Reiser

Matthias Reiser
rue des Grenouilles 1
3963 Crans-Montana
Tel: +41 76 546 27 98
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