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Shoholm/Johannesson - Gräsmark, Värmland Sweden > MN, USA

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Shoholm/Johannesson - Gräsmark, Värmland Sweden > MN, USA

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My great-grandfather, Andrew Gustaf Shoholm of MN and CA was born in Gräsmark parish,
Värmland - according to the 1890 census.

But he was not recorded as "Sjoholm" at that time... His name was Anders Gustaf Johannesson.

Here's his Swedish family:
(Father) Johannes Pettersson, born 1829
(Mother) Brita Olsdotter, born 1840
Jan Peter Johannesson, born 1871
Anna Stina Johannesdotter, born 1873
Anders Gustaf Johannesson, born 1876

They live at the farm 1/4 Långkärn Holmsjötorp. The name Sjöholm could have
its origin from Holmsjö.

Andrew came to the US in 1900 and settled in Polk County, MN.

I know all US descendants - looking for any Swedish cousins out there....
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