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Onesime St. Arnaud and Elix/Alix/Alise/Alice Breau/Bruno

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Onesime St. Arnaud and Elix/Alix/Alise/Alice Breau/Bruno

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Apellidos: St. Arnaud, Bruneau
I have used some of the information from other boards as leads, but I am not sure that I have anything definite. I have identified Onesime James St. Arno/Arnaud (1852-1943)as my G G grand father. My mother (St. Arno) knew this couple as Alice Bruno and James St. Arnaud and knew they came from Trois Rivieres Canada, settling in the Schoolcraft/Delta county area of UP Michigan in the 1880s.

I was wondering if there was any positive ID on origins Elix. I know her name has been written several different ways and there are also several different Marie-Alise, Rose-Marie Alise etc. floating around. Has anyone nailed down the origins of the Elix/Alix Bruneau that married Onesime James St. Arnaud?

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