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Frank & Elizabeth Vladika - married in Cook Co., IL

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Frank & Elizabeth Vladika - married in Cook Co., IL

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Apellidos: Vladika, Vladyka, Fladiger, Haus, House
Hello everyone - I very well might have burst through my biggest brick wall today and it's led right here to the surname Vladika/Vladyka.

You see, my grandmother's surname was Fladiger and it's been notoriously hard to trace, ending with her father Joseph (b. 1878, Chicago; d. 1944, Michigan City, IN). I knew Joe's father was Frank and his mother was Elizabeth (House or Harn), but that was it. Searches were turning up nothing about Frank & Elizabeth.

Today I gave the Illinois State Archives Marriage database another try and I found this:

VLADIKA, FRANK HAUS, LIZZIE 05/08/1872 077/ 00002855 COOK

This is SO plausible, it's making me giddy! I'm off to do some more searching, but thought I'd post this hear just in case anyone can fill me in on the family.

Do any of you have Frank in your records? When I find more birth and death info, I'll post it.

I'm seeing that most Vladika's in the census are from Czechoslovakia... very cool.

Take care,

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