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Carl Waack

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Re: Carl Waack

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Apellidos: Waack - Sonnenburg
From what I have found, Carl Waack was my great-grandfather. Lillian, one of his daughters was my grandmother. There were 10 children in the family Christ b.1890, Carl b.1891, Elsa b.1892(or 1893 I've seen both), Edwin, b. 1895, Herbert b. 1897, Aldelia b. 1902, Lillian b. 1904, Walter b.?, Clarence b.?, and Ernst who died in infancy.

From the 1880 Census Information Manitowoc County, WI

Carl (also Charles) Waack: b. 1864, parents: Crist Waack b. 1835, and Jane Waack b. 1834. Siblings: Mary, Augusta, Henry, Mina, Jane, Louise, Sophia

Anna Sonnenburg Waack: b. 1872, parents: Carl Sonnenburg b. 1825, and Julia Sonnenburg b. 1834. Siblings: Minnie, Julia, Louise, August, Herman, William
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