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Hans Waag of Diersheim, married in 1680

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Hans Waag of Diersheim, married in 1680

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I'm descended from the Waag family of the Diersheim and Rheinbischofsheim areas in Baden, Germany. While tracing my line, I found some confusion regarding Hans Waag, who married in 1680.

One record identifies a "Hannss Wag" who marries "Anna Maria Koenig", on 6 Jul 1680.

Another record identifies a "Hanss Wag," son of Hanss Wag, who marries Maria Schreyner(sp?--is probably Schreiner) on 25 May 1680.

You can guess what happens next--there are a pile of children's birth records where the children are born to "Hanss Wag." But which one?

Has anyone done any research to sort out what happened here? Do we have two relatives named Hans Waag? Or did Maria Schreiner die just after her marriage and Hans remarried? Before I start trying to untangle the situation, I'd like to make sure no one has already done the research and come up with an answer.
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