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WIACEK can any one help?

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Re: WIACEK can any one help?

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Ah ok. I'm wondering if majewski/majewska is a common name. My great grandma they all came from a town that is currently in Ukraine but they were polish. http://www.geni.com/people/Magdalena-Majewska-Skretkowicz/60... that was the section of my family because a good number came over to America in the earlier 1900s but there were those that stayed over in Europe too. I just recently began the search myself because I found old photos in my grandma's house with the name written on back of some of.them. there's also a lot of unknown people which I'm assuming are majewski that lived in europe but no one in my family has knowledge of them. I'm assuming it's due to the fact when the great grandma who had connection and ties with them that didn't get passed on down the generations hence lost family.
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