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Vrablik's in Chicago, and in Slovakia

Vrablik's in Chicago, and in Slovakia

Steve Vrablik (Ver publicaciones)
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I'm Steve Vrablik, son of Ed & Helen Vrablik of Chicago. Ed had a brother Sam, and a sister Dorothy (married Minasini) and another sister (married Hickman). These four Vrablik's were descendants of Sam and Elizebeth (nee Nosko) Vrablik, who arrived in the USA in the early 1900's.

I'm trying to learn anything about our Vrablik ancestors going back into Slovakia. I'd really like to be able to contact some of them, if possible.

I hope someone has some knowledge as to how to contact them. Thank you.

Re: Vrablik's in Chicago, and in Slovakia

Tracy Vrablik (Ver publicaciones)
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Hi steve,

my name is tracy, and I don't know if we are related or not, but there is a good chance....my grandparents would know more....I'm from new jersey, but right now I'm studying at lehigh university...if you would email me back...we could see if there is any relation

Re: Vrablik's in Chicago, and in Slovakia

Steve Vrablik (Ver publicaciones)
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I haven't been to this message board for a long time.

There are lots of Vrablik's that keeping popping-up. I see their names in phone directories here in Chicago, and I've run into a Robert Vrablik from New York while I was in North Carolina.

Yes, we probably are related, I suppose. But how?

My father was Ed Vrablik in Chicago, and his father was Sam Vrablik, also in Chicago, arriving in the USA abt 1905 or so. Sam had some brothers, I believe (at least one brother, Steve, I think). I really can't tell you more; I don't know.

Any connections?

Re: Vrablik's in Chicago, and in Slovakia

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I see this is a very old post but happen to come by it today. I have started researching the Vrablik family and want to trace it back to Eastern Europe as well.

I am Barbara Vrablik from upstate, NY. My brother Robert may have been the one you met in NC.

My grandparents John and Mary Vrablik lived in Wallington, NJ and had relatives in the Garfield, NJ area..possibly a George Vrablik,Joseph Vrablik, William and another Robert Vrablik. I am aware there are Vrablik's in CA also. There is also a Joseph Vrablik, maybe Jr. in Colorado.

I am curious what you may have found out about Slovania connections to the Vrablik family. They might have been known as Vrabel over there. I believe they immigrated from Czechoslovakia in the early 1990s.



Re: Vrablik's in Chicago, and in Slovakia

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Hi Steve, I ran across this thread while googling "Vrablik". I'm Tom Vrablik, son of John and Anne Vrablik of Chicago. My father has two brothers, Ed and Steve. My grandfather's name is also Steve (Stephen)who emigrated from Bratislava, Slovakia. I am unaware of any brothers or sisters that my grandfather had but who knows?
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