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thru lines has stopped

thru lines has stopped

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Once again, Thru lines is telling me to 'fill in ' as much as possible...this has happened before and is a pain. So, what really is the answer to getting it back? I have been filling in detail back to the 13th century!!

Re: thru lines has stopped

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This has also happened to me and when I rang I was told that this is not a known problem. Following a phone call a few days later to remind them that they had not responded to me, I have now got an email to tell me to fill in all names and dates of birth and death. I have not removed any from when it worked before so I don't see why (if, as they tell me they have not made any changes to their system) this should work now. They also inform me that I have to wait about 3 days before I will be able to see if this works. They also helpfully included a help line phone number which is not valid for my area.

Re: thru lines has stopped * TIPS *

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Two tips for restoring ThruLines, Nov 2019.

Settings can cause a problem even when they didn't previously. This is a dynamic system, not a static one.

1) Check the parental relationships to ensure that they say, biological. If at any point they 'flipped' to unknown, ThruLines won't work. Use this article as a guide. support.ancestry.com/s/article/Fixing-Relationships-in-Trees

2) Use the Support Chat so someone can check your settings.
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