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info on Hoani Whaanga

info on Hoani Whaanga

ahenata (Ver publicaciones)
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I'm 33 years of age my father Hoani Whaanga died when I was
about 6 Years old. I'm wondering if anyone has any pictures of him. His nickname was Honk. He died in Southland and is buried just out of Wairoa

It would be good to know a little bit more about my father

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Re: info on Hoani Whaanga

Tui Fechney (Ver publicaciones)
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Kia Ora

I don't know if you remember me but I remember your father - he is my Uncle Honky. My mother was Polly Fechney (nee Whaanga). My mother was deaf and we lived in Christchurch. We came down and stayed with Uncle Honky, Aunty Annabel and whanau. I'm sure my mother has some photos.

I'll have a look through my mother's photos.

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