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Krugers Drift, South Africa

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Re: Krugers Drift, South Africa

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Apellidos: Donkin
Demise: Died of disease 15 Feb 1902 Place: Krugers Drift 14th Company, 5th Btn, Imperial Yeomanry Source: In Memoriam by S Watt

Donkin John Edward 28499 Private Source: QSA Medal Rolls


"UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949"

There are several medal search results for J E Donkin,... but there is only one search result for Regimental Number 28499, and surname Donkin,... and that search result is for John Edwin Donkin.

A search for surname Donkin and Regiment or Unit Name Imperial Yeomanry gives two search results,...

J E Donkin 14th Squadron 5th Imperial Yeomanry

J E Donkin 14th Company Imperial Yeomanry

That should probably be,... 14th Company, 5th Battalion,... The 14th (Northumberland) Company was raised in 1900.

Note the differences in the two spellings for the transcription of the forename of Edward and Edwin,... Edwin is probably a transcription error.

IF he is the same man who is listed on the memorial, and if he was born in England or Wales,... then there are only three birth registrations between 1860 and 1900 that matches combination of surname Donkin with a first name of John.

John Edward Donkin Q2 1864 mms Lund Sculcoates Yorkshire
John Edward Donkin Q1 1877 mms unlisted Hexham Northumberland
John Edward Donkin Q3 1888 mms Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland

mms = mother's maiden surname ... Q= the quarter of the year of registration
The location is the registration district in which the birth was registered.

Of the two possible births, given their ages, and given the location of the memorial that you're referring to, the most likely birth for the soldier is the second one.

John Edward Donkin Q1 1877 mms unlisted Hexham Northumberland

You can get a copy of his birth certificate from the U.K. General Register Office for England and Wales aka the U.K. GRO,... https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/

Or from the local registration office, which will probably be quuicker,...

You can get a copy of his death certificate from U.K. GRO,...

It's in a set of military overseas death registration receords called,...

Gro Natal & South African Forces Death (1899 To 1902),... country South Africa,... archive reference NATA

He's listed as J E Donkin 1899-1902

You'll find him listed in the 1891 Census as John Ed Donkin born 1877,... living in Whittington in the Parish of Great Whittington in Hexham registration district in Northumberland.


There was another soldier who served in that unit who might be related,...

Sergeant George Donkin 30854 14th Company 5th Imperial Yeomanry, he was awarded the Queen's South Africa medal.
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