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van Emden, Napoleon's Army

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Re: van Emden, Napoleon's Army

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Hello Ebb_Yvonne,
I've tried for a while now to work out Hartog van Emden's role in the 'French Wars' I am still unclear as to which of my generations lost the sword at the 'Friends School' Hobart. My research as indicated that swords were issued to Lieutenants and Horsemen in the Dutch Army. It was late in the Napoleonic War for Jewish men to be enlisted due to an understanding between the Jewry and local powers, so my guess is late (bet. 1810-1820). For a long time there has been a diary from Netje Asser Asser that has only recently been donated to the Jewish Historic Museum in Amsterdam (to my knowledge not translated) in which she apparently describes many aspects of the van Emden family in this period, as they were cousins. The timeframe for her diary will correspond with Hartog's time in the Army during the Napoleonic War. Given that my Mother, Grandfather and Great-grandfather went to Friends, I'm still unsure which generation to secure the loss of the sword, however if it can be located the hilt can be identified by a specialist...... if someone has it.

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