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Newspapers.com Links

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Newspapers.com Links

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Within the last few days (week of 15 October 2018), Newspaper.com links added to tree-member profiles no longer show an "Edit" button in the upper right corner near the title of the link/clipping in the Gallery page. Also, on the same Gallery link, there is no longer an option to be taken to the Newspapers.com site to view the clipping in higher resolution.

For me, both of these features are necessary functions as the "Edit" button allows for needed editing of the title and descriptor and the ability to be taken to the Newspapers.com site to view the higher resolution clipping is imperative as the Gallery view of clippings (especially large ones) is impossible to read even with the magnify feature.

I called Ancestry.com help number and was told it will be looked at. I hope this isn't a change in the software functionality.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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