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OneGreatFamily.com TRICKERY/SCAM

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OneGreatFamily.com TRICKERY/SCAM

Don Quick (Ver publicaciones)
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You may have seen a smilar note from me elsewhere but I cant find it so am resubmitting due to its importance.

Too late, I decided to check out this company and found that several others had complained on this site. For the record, their 7 day free trial is a scam. Once you sign up ( for the free trial) you must go through a 4-5 step process to cancel the free trial. The website tells you to call a specific number, and the answering machine says they will call you back. They don't call back. They sometimes send e mails to acknowledge your call, but if it is to request a cancellation they tell you to do 1-2 steps, then that is followed up with another email telling you what else you have to do. I didn't comply with all the fine print and was billed for 3 months before they finally acknowledged my phone calls and e mails. Then to make matters worse, I called one day after my billing cycle (the 6th of the month) so they want me to pay an additional one month, but admit I canceled on the 7th.
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