Información de la fuente Registros de naturalizaciones de Pennsylvania, 1740-73 [base de datos en línea]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.
Datos originales: Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Persons Naturalized in the Province of Pennsylvania [1740-1773]. Harrisburg, PA, USA: 1876.

Acerca de Registros de naturalizaciones de Pennsylvania, 1740-73

Prior to the American Revolution, Philadelphia was the destination for thousands of immigrants seeking a new life in the colonies. This database is a listing of persons naturalized in the colony between 1740 and 1773. Compiled from records in the Pennsylvania Archives, each record contains the individual's name, location of naturalization, and date. It contains the names of over 3700 persons. For persons seeking ancestors from colonial Pennsylvania, this can be a helpful compilation.